programming viz

I was looking at Github Linguist's color page today, trying to see which languages are leaning towards purple. Think Haskell, Emacs Lisp, Julia etc. But since their sorting order is utterly worthless1 for this task, here is a better view of all the languages on the HSL scale.

The plot's only use is to reverse lookup languages by color shades using pan/zoom around the scatters. I don't think any kind of semantic cluster pops here as these colors are essentially random (also notice the space coverage).

As an aside, I thought purescript's was the darkest color I have seen, but I have seen wasm, shen and crystal and never noticed that theirs are, at least, as dark as purescript.

Data note: Color data comes from this file in the linguist repository. While processing, I removed items without a color key. Total languages are NA.



Of course it is not meant for that.