Irrespective of what I tell myself, I have not been using Org mode in its full glory. The usual problem of file/topic organization is perennial but there are two really tractable pieces that I haven't given much thought to:

  1. Scheduling, along with agenda
  2. Captures for quickly getting ideas down

Although these two look independent, the most important/useful scheduling happens impromptu, just like captures. Keeping a physical notebook has taught me the importance of capturing things right when you encounter them. Even though a notebook is the most powerful tool for scribbles and planning, its really bad for scheduling and capturing since it has a physical form.

So I gave orgzly another shot and this time its working well, thanks to syncthing. Orgzly's notification system lets me not avoid agenda items since I don't have to pull up the agenda manually. Having notes nearby also makes it easy to go both ways:

Initially, there was this frustrating issue where you end up updating an org file at both the places—mobile and laptop—leaving you with git merge nightmares. I have now enforced one-way write behavior using syncthing and regular Emacs file variables (# -*- buffer-read-only: t -*-). This has more or less fixed the problem. Hoping to get some mileage with this setup now.