I was just now writing a post which could be perceived as being against hard work. I now realize that I could have written a post for hard work a few months back. I still believe in the ideas of both texts. The posts are not inconsistent, nor my thoughts unstable. But they will look so if I permit a comparison to a third party. More because I didn't carefully construct my arguments to be coherent and less because of any fundamental switch in my stances.

Keeping writing skills aside1, there is always an incompleteness in text. The real spirit of both my arguments were conjured within certain contexts. A series of events provoked me to take perceptually well defined and distinct poles. While I could try to massage my polarity, I can not invalidate the very essence of those posts.

I wonder whether, in the light of this view, it makes more sense to have experiences organized in such argument clusters and their networks across time rather than a linear series which effectively implies overrides. Considering these experiences as posts, there are practical proxies for those in usual blogs using things like 'tags' and 'categories', but I feel we can experiment with something much richer.



Something to improve on.