Around a month back, I was looking for tools that can help lay out plans and schedules. The idea was mostly to explore different approaches people employ. Till that time, I was only using simple Org Mode features1 for personal organization and Jira at work.

In the process I found the archetype Office Suite style tool in Calligra Plan. Groping around a little more, I found TaskJuggler which is a more bare-metal and extensible variant.

While it is pretty nice and works as advertised, I realized that what I need is just a good roadmap for next 2-3 months and something to do seamless time logging. Here are my current requirements and the way I am solving them, if I am:

  1. ☑ Deciding what things to work on from a long term perspective. Plain notes. Not imposing a certain tool/ideology here is actually helpful.
  2. ☐ Deciding what to do at the moment. Whims. Not sure if I have easy ways to improve this.
  3. ☑ Putting should-spend effort estimates. Org. This is supposed to come instinctively so this specific point should become less important.
  4. ☑ Clocking. Org.
  5. ☑ Looking at what I worked on. Org analyzer.

I believe my personal plans don't have the expanse and complexity that tools like TaskJuggler are built for. While this is obvious if you know about project planning in general, I am saying this more in an attempt to make myself accept the fact that if I start needing more powerful tools, I should rethink my spent time and start concentrating on what is important.



Not using effort, clocks etc.