During the initial months of 2019, our office went further away from my place and I had to take longer cab rides. More than an hour on average, one way. I was avoiding the thoughts (and involved work) of moving closer by coming up with various ways to use the cab time. One of my favorites involved planning a topic or idea before hitching and spending the hour on just plain contemplation, producing what I thought I couldn't in an uncabbed day. This supported my laziness by putting forward a reason for keeping the distance intact.

I finally moved and started living within 10 walking minutes. Cab contemplation is now a negative phrase in my dictionary. It is to thinking what social media is to expressing. More of a marketplace than a studio. Short bursts of excitement, loud distractions and an eventual amnesia. The output? Claptrap and clamour.

It's surprisingly easy to justify your naivety.