org-mode emacs

I recently got back to a graphics tablet. A One medium. While my earlier HUION 610 was more featureful, I love the simplicity of One.

Anyway, someone on /r/emacs recently showed a system for keeping images in Emacs getting live updates from a Mac sketching tool 1. I found that really useful since keeping images separate from rest of the notes, in Org files, is just a useless exercise in bookkeeping. On linux, my best sketching experience has been with Krita so I am trying to connect it with Org mode for note taking. Screen below shows the current system.

Figure 1: Emacs Org mode on left, Krita on right

At present I can keep images in Org files and switch to Krita for editing on a function call, bound to mouse click. Updates happen on saves from Krita. The problem is that export from Krita cli is slow since it boots up the program for each run. This could be avoided if I can hack around the cli source code and set up a long running process. Or maybe just see if I can get something out manually from the .kra files.



Here is the post. Thanks to Accacio for helping.