personal programming

Doing remote work, I have realized that it's very easy to, accidentally, show private content while sharing screen. Even being super aware of the sharing context doesn't help. There are many solutions:

  1. Restrict the scope of what you share. For example share only a tab of the browser or a single window.
  2. Use workspaces in every tool that you use. This is an extension of above. The idea being to share full screen but limit the scope of work view using equivalents of workspaces in your desktop, editor, browsers etc.
  3. Actively hide private views.

For me, the first doesn't work all the time, specially when I am doing programming and have to quickly switch between many windows, editor frames and terminal. Second needs a lifestyle change. Third option is something I am trying out here in conceal.

Figure 1: Hiding my personal letters and medical notes.

Strangely, browsers are much less programmable these days so it's tougher to go with the 3rd approach in applications like Firefox. As far as windows themselves are concerned, I feel I can figure out an overlay drawing approach for X11 and make the window selection be exposed via stumpwm config.