org-mode emacs productivity

Recently, I realized that my note taking workflow is not that easy and accessible. Whether I want to capture thoughts about a book that I am reading, feedback for a team member, or a video that I just watched, I don't have a unified capture interface.

Knowing that org capture provides such an interface helped me to migrate few of the workflows. But there is still a limitation. Org Capture only captures to Org mode files. So if you want to capture an item in a cloud application like Google Calendar, you will have to set up a separate syncing mechanism from the Org file.

Instead of this, we can skip the Org sink and directly trigger the, say, Google Calendar API1. This is exactly what happens in oca. The README specifies details on how to use it.

As of now, I have been using this to quickly create Jira tickets. But its most powerful use will be to capture calendar reminders for me since I use Google Calendar for few temporary reminders during the course of a day.



I mean, the implementation still works by using a temporary Org buffer but whatever.