personal work

Sometime back I took a break from work. After conversations with people about it, I realized that I don't really have a good point of view on such breaks. If someone talks to you about a break, it's common to understand the situation as occupational burnout and point to various retreats for managing stress. But I believe there are many other things in life needing breaks that don't exactly fit in the burnout or stress category.

There are breaks from something and there are breaks for something. As an example of the second kind, if you need to boost your writing mind, you could go somewhere in isolation with a journal and incessantly write for a whole week.

Because of the baggage associated with the break-from definition, I have shied away from taking long work breaks. There have either been external pushes around reorienting myself or genuine burnout that has led me to breaks. But thinking about breaks from the break-for perspective gets rid of the said baggage. I would still take breaks from work but I can take breaks for so many other things too, like working on this website, finishing a pet project, writing long forms, or learning a complex concept. This is exactly what I am planning to do from now on after moving to a quarterly break cycle as compared to my earlier—and incidental—annual cycle.