For a long time I have asked myself a question on what my favorite word is. And my answer has been Enchantment. I never went deep in the significance of this question. After thinking a bit more, I believe this question-answer pair is about acknowledging the power the word holds on my perception and understanding of the world.

There are other words with similar effect: Serenity and Physicality come to my mind at the moment. All these words act as strong abstractions for summarizing my world view and that makes them powerful.

There is no sense in using a broad and ambiguous word like 'favorite'. More specific adjectives like powerful feel better. This also happens with other favorites like movies, books, and food items. Whenever someone asks my favorite song, I end up conjuring a poset in my mind and then it becomes too hard to explain each ordering relation within. I feel we should put better questions than "What's your favorite <>?" to others, and ourselves.