After around 4 reviews, I believe I have a better sense of where my time is going. I feel I am now reading more effectively and am also prioritizing the programming tasks better. The problem is in the parts where I need to think about and design solutions to problems, outside the work time. Will be working on that this week.

1 Problems/Solutions

  • Nothing.

2 Readings/Explorations

3 Programming

I am trying to automate parts of this section so it shows some measure of intensity and amount of work I did last week including the work time.

  • Spent (wasted) some time getting Haskell FFI to work. Pretty easy to call in C, but gets a little hairy with Python when depending on other libraries.
  • Came across seed, guess it's pretty close to the idea of Smalltalk's interactive programming environment. I should try some system like this since it looks really good for recreational programming.
  • Cleaned up my cfg files a little, will sweep rogue some time too.
  • Explored Haskell a little.

4 Writing

  • Nothing specific. Though I have noticed, writing reviews has made it easier to put together tiny journal posts every now and then.

5 Media


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