This week was mostly spent in readings and stuff. I also was stuck with flu for the later half so wasn't able to do anything else.

1 Problems/Solutions

  • Nothing.

2 Readings/Explorations

  • Read up a few introductory documents on Ontologies.
  • I am trying to understand learnable parsing so took up Combinatory Categorial Grammar (steedman1996very)
  • How NOT to evaluate your dialog system (liu2016not)
  • Strange loop 2018 had few interesting ideas. I liked hackett. This makes me wonder what exactly typed racket doing? Definitely something simpler.
  • Got to use lparallel. Working with single threading for so long almost had me squeal at this.
  • Also used construct which is a composable way for going back and forth from bytes to python objects.
  • Finally read up on functional package management and tried guix. Needs a little momentum but looks really promising. I am specially interested in things like guix environment and dependencies which go cross distro painlessly (though these are not the direct output, they are nice side effects).

3 Programming

  • Added a few new features/syntaxes in pigeon. Will abuse reader macros for some time now.
  • A few other pieces I don't have logs of. Will be putting the commit visualizer here from next week onwards.

4 Writing

  • Nothing.

5 Media


  • [steedman1996very] Steedman. 1996. "A very short introduction to CCG." Unpublished paper. http://www. coqsci. ed. ac. uk/steedman/paper. html, , link. doi.
  • [liu2016not] Liu, Lowe, Serban, Noseworthy, Charlin & Pineau. 2016. "How not to evaluate your dialogue system: An empirical study of unsupervised evaluation metrics for dialogue response generation." arXiv preprint arXiv:1603.08023, , link. doi.
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