I missed two reviews. This one might not have correctly demarcated items. Also redefining the sections a little so they make more sense.

1 Experiments

This section is for logging experiments connected with a problem I am solving. The output can be programs, documents etc.

  • NA

2 Readings/Explorations

The title is self explanatory

  • AdaSearch: A Successive Elimination Approach to Adaptive Search, not really sure this is something new. I feel a lot of similar ideas are around, covering different instantiations/variations of the narrowing search problem.
  • Found BlinkDB (as a result of finding this nice blog, the morning paper), have to see how it works but surely looks interesting.
  • Evan Buswell - esoteric.codes. Don't think the idea is as fundamental as posed. I might be wrong since it needs a bit of growth to really show the colors.
  • The Source History of Cat from two bit history (they have some really interesting pieces).
  • Came to know that there is a fuzziness feature allowed in regex packages (see here for example). I wonder whether a weighted regex, using a weighted automata is useful enough to warrant existence.

3 Programming

Mostly for recreational programming. Though the plot covers all commits, including work related.

Commits for week 47-2018 and 4 previous weeks.

  • I got to setup elfeed finally. My feeds are here.
  • Wrote some inconsequential elisp (these two words should be kept together).

4 Writing

General writings, not related to experiments

  • Tried to factor up the idea of Strange Loop and wrote a bunch. As an aside, writing on paper feels real good.

5 Media

Books, podcasts, essays etc.