1 Experiments

  • Gave some thought to program modelling and where it fits in the process of converting thoughts to program. Not much progress though.

2 Readings/Explorations

3 Programming

Commits for week 01-2019 and 4 previous weeks.1

4 Media


  • [pigliucci2008evolvability] Pigliucci. 2008. "Is evolvability evolvable?." Nature Reviews Genetics, 9(1), 75. link. doi.
  • [lebret2016neural] Lebret, Grangier & Auli. 2016. "Neural text generation from structured data with application to the biography domain." arXiv preprint arXiv:1603.07771, , link. doi.


Looks like another bug in my commit counter (if the last weeks are showing 0 commits)