A few of my desktop rices. My Emacs config lies here. Other dotfiles are here.

More gaps

Better with borders

Trying a setup that looks okay without compton. Border less windows look bad. Dark borders in dark themes are alright. Haven't found a way to make light borders look good in dark theme. I guess a lot also depends on whether you keep the window gaps on to let the wallpaper seep in.

Rice for the winter

This one is a bit less saturated and more steely. Based on nord colors.

Purple off-white rice

A light theme. If you want to make your org mode look like shown here, follow these steps.

Dark grayish rice

Probably a little too dark. And colors too saturated.

StumpWM + KDE

First rice. Starting to use a tiling WM on KDE. Looks pretty stupid with the zoomed types.