This page is a work in progress

List of possible places to hook in speech/sounds in computer interactions.

1. Entry

1.1. Main

1.1.1. Lexical

  • Speech entry for other languages.
  • Speech assistance:
    • Choose among contextual choices. Consider tagging in tog.
    • Automate pieces involved around the main entry. For example, wrapping up a text body, snippets, clocking in. Anything that reduces hand movement.
  • Story telling, blogging.
  • Find something (text-ish, defuns etc.) in page, images, buffer, buffers etc.

1.1.2. Non-lexical

  • Defined sounds mapped to something. Snaps etc.
  • Music fingerprinting style use cases. Humming etc.

1.2. Side

1.2.1. Lexical

  • Monitoring and analyzing.
  • Side evaluations. Compilation, check email etc.
  • Recording discussions.
  • Char by char dictionary.

1.2.2. Non-lexical

  • Monitoring and analyzing acoustics, ambience.
  • Collecting various event types and humans involved.
  • Watching for defined events. Cooker whistles, doorbells etc.

2. Feedback

2.1. Main

2.1.1. Lexical

  • Text to speech for whatever I am writing. If I am at the end of a sentence, play that. This is really useful for me personally.
  • Commentary about pages and positions I am looking at.

2.1.2. Non-lexical

  • Live feedback. For example, something defining number of errors in currently worked-on system.
  • Something that changes as I change certain knobs. This can work for certain kinds of visualizations.
  • Background ambience in voice blogging.

2.2. Side

2.2.1. Lexical

  • Regular Notifications.
  • Email read outs after filters.
  • Personal voices for messages, emails.

2.2.2. Non-lexical

  • Regular Notifications.
  • Changing tone, falling rising or something.
  • Background ambience + music based on task.