Wherever my laptop can plug in, I try to present stuff in org-mode using org-present. There are many benefits of directly using Emacs:

  1. Almost every presentation feature is supported. Except fancy animations1.
  2. Zooming in/out and other view modification features are much more handy.
  3. Having everything in a document makes easy to jump around, show general outline, edit and correct things etc.
  4. Short interactive code demos fit right in as babel blocks. If not, just do a split-window-right and show things there.

Similar to revealjs, you can add a nice progress bar in the header line which tracks number of headings, lines or anything else. I have one such sample header line here. Will move it out as a separate package some time.



Leaving the useless inter slide animations, you can use a webkit frame to get explanatory animations, say, to show up. Also gifs work so maybe things are not that bad.