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Tuning hyperparameters gets you question your life decisions. Maybe its not that painful to some but it doesn't feel right if you have been developing softwares in some capacity. Doing this manually just goes against everything you learn to apprehend in computer programs. Or at least the following:

Other than the fallback random search, I believe something that might really help in cases that I have been involved with is to do partial optimization using a subset of data. If the loss is at least subadditive (? confirm) and the runtime highly dependent on the number of samples, this combined with some sort of upper confidence bound should provide some theoretical guarantees on the problem.

Before digging in that though, let's check in on some already available techniques.

1. TODO Read

  • Random search (SoC?, Evo?)
  • Spearmint, TPE
  • SH, Hyperband (these mostly replace the dataset subsetting thing with number of iterations. I guess these work can be generalized to use any proxy metric for the loss value)
  • Harmonica