This page is a work in progress

1. Principles

Here are a few personal principles that I use while working with any technical prediction. These are of various different levels but still kept in a plain list for now. A few that are still undergoing work are marked so:

  • Anything that can be done will be done. Short term hurdles don't matter. Predictions are mostly made on when and not if.
  • Technology visions are very self fulfilling. A lot of people talk about powerful prediction powers of great science-fiction authors and creators. I believe part of the power comes from the future where an inspired generation actually goes out and materialize the vision they all grew up with.
  • Physical laws can be broken with the right change of world where they have to be interpreted.
  • Any product with an offline step-by-step workflow will be dethroned by one with a real-time workflow.
  • Models of centralized services vs distributed ownership …