There are moments when decisions you take define who you are. Most of these decisions are hard and can't be taken without imposing biases. A few might be able to do, but I can't without breaking myself.

Since it's hard to figure out the right biases during the decisive moments, it's helpful to list them down deliberately so these moments don't hurt your sense of self in retrospect. These biases are personal values for me.

What follows is a list of personal values. In no particular order. This is also not exhaustive as of now.

1 Courage

The regular definition. Since at times I become very cautious, I am putting this as a value to make me take important decisions that need courage.

2 Forgiveness

My older understanding of forgiveness was conflicting with things like learning and striving for excellence. How could you learn from an event if you forgive yourself? I now feel differently about this. Forgiving—yourself or others—is not about forgetting or ignoring, it's about acknowledging the hurt, completely, however painful it be. And then saying "it's alright".

3 Striving for Excellence

This is taken from the list of values at

Striving for excellence doesn't mean anything other than what the phrase itself points to. It's about striving for excellence. If I follow this value, I think about things in the following way:

If I had to do this thing again, what will I change to make it better.

If you are writing an email, you know what could have been better. If you are talking to someone, you know what could have been done better. Notice that while you can still skip this specific email and that specific meeting, for each class of work you will know what could have been done better. Taking action is secondary.

The key idea is that 'Strive for Excellence' is a cross cutting value. And it's okay to admit failure implementing this for certain classes of work instead of diluting the value itself by calling it situational1. These two are very different ways of looking.



This is also striving for excellence by the way.