personal productivity

I have mostly avoided playing around with my android phone programmatically since I don't know of good ways to quickly script stuff. Also since my laptop is going to be the machine, my phone only has to be a tiny terminal so I don't want to understand how to write stuff for android.

Recently, I started using orgzly with syncthing and have found new uses for the phone. Another such utility bump has come with KDE Connect. Two features I like and use the most are:

  1. Custom commands to run on laptop.
  2. Sharing links from mobile to laptop.

The more important point is that I can now partially offload scripting–the–mobile part to the laptop. With access to mobile notifications, I can finally automate a lot of things like (I still need to hijack the notification daemon in my machine):

Things like sending SMS from command line are also nifty though I don't know if people (not programs) write SMSes these days.

To be honest, none of these are new. A lot of these (and more) were already there when I used a combination of Windows and vendor specific mobile-pc softwares. The good thing with KDE connect is that it's freer and more hackable than a lot of bloatware alternatives.