I will be doing reviews on Mondays now to save the weekend work time. This week was pretty dilute. I wasn't getting large chunks of time so wasn't able to do any heavy lifting.

1 Problems/Solutions

  • Touched a little upon techniques to beat the leader in a online learning-ish resource allocation problem. Will be doing a short journal post in near future.

2 Readings/Explorations

3 Programming

  • Started working on a transpiler for Lisp to Python, pigeon.
  • Played around a little with cffi in Lisp. Its so much nicer than you might think.

4 Writing

  • Nothing major, organized the paper reading process and set up a better structure for my notes page.

5 Media


  • [kauffman1991coevolution] Kauffman & Johnsen. 1991. "Coevolution to the edge of chaos: coupled fitness landscapes, poised states, and coevolutionary avalanches." Journal of theoretical biology, 149(4), 467-505. link. doi.