After another big gap. This makes me think why do I maintain this log at all. It's about a certain belief in doing a retrospective lookback on things. The question is whether that belief is held strongly by something. That something is what I am trying to define in the page on personal values here.

1 Experiments

I am trying to get back to use Org Mode more task management extensively for now. Two changes this time:

  1. I tried to be more clear on the general approach by talking about it with other people. I strongly believe talking put you in a more committed state than just thinking in your own head.
  2. I am trying to be extremely flexible with the system. I realized that my earlier rigidity was, very often, putting me in situations where I will feel guilty about my actions or lack thereof. This is surprisingly counter productive. My current opinion is that it's okay to occasionally ditch your 'plans' and just enjoy one particular piece of work. As much as it is about discipline, planning is meant to help you 'enjoy' what you really are into. I am keeping a few notes on these ideas here.

2 Readings

3 Programming

Commits for week 30-2020 and 4 previous weeks.