Notes on my employment and related experiences. Past, current and future (?).

As of [2023-03-05 Sun] I have been trying to dive deeper in what my ideal employment would look like. There are various high level options all of which will have different requirements, but I want to first describe my feelings about the more regular employment in a company sort of situation. This doesn't mean that I believe employed in a company is my preferred mode of working.

To dive deeper, I have started to just list down what I like, what I dislike, and what I am unsure of, for various aspects of the employment. Many times my likes are coming from dislikes for the opposite idea so maybe this tabling is not so great. This is just a first pass thoughts and will evolve with time:

Aspect Likes Dislikes Unsure
People Philomaths    
  High bar of Excellence    
Culture Promotes depth & quality    
  Higher level of cultural development1    
  Calm productivity    
  Understanding of Creativity    
  Growth & Learning    
Leadership Visionary Shallow  
  Follows Dive Deep Poor at Abstractions  
  Good Writers (≍ Good Thinkers)    
  Value Driven    
Technology Opinionated    
  Makes a dent in the Universe of knowledge    
Business Real value, not inflated    
Product Visionary Thin product layer  
  Real Impact on the Universe Primarily a follower than a leader  
  Futuristic and transformative bets    

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This has a personal description that I still have to write in a blog post here.