I am not a prolific speaker, neither a good one. But I have always loved a good talk given by speakers who draw you in with their gestures, content, and the way they define the visual experiences. I want to do similar but I don't think I have put enough work to get there, yet. Still this page collects whatever I have done so that I can plan out a possible future.

Here are many talks that I am not proud of, many are extremely internal to my then organisation and you might not get any value from them, but I will keep them here for archival purposes.

More Recently

My role at Skit.ai recently has more managerial/leadership shape to it. This, along with the phases a startup goes through, has impact on what I could do here. Though I am now trying to give more public talks. I might still not do many, but would want to attempt more than before.

  1. Upcoming MatplotLLM, iterative natural language data visualization in org-babel, talk at EmacsConf 2023.
  2. [2023-07-20 Thu] Biases in AI Systems, internal company talk on bias and fairness in AI systems. This was a proper talk given after many years. I have missed working on making information presentable visually.


I joined Skit.ai (previously Vernacular.ai) in 2018. After building the first version of the product, we went through a summer of technical deep dives that led to a lot many talks. There are probably more talks from this phase, but these are more public ones that I could find and collect.

I used a lot of Org Mode document based presentations in this phase so the real value is probably in the videos, which are not available.

Here are the ones I covered in chronological order:

  1. [2021-10-28 Thu] Introduction to Statistical Learning Theory, internal company talk on introducing ML folks to a few core fundamental Theory concepts.
  2. [2021-05-21 Fri] Xs and Ys, internal company talk to onboard tech folks on ML at a very high level. The main idea was to align on the general data flow so that the idea around MLOps could be communicated more efficiently.
  3. [2021-03-04 Thu] Writing Research, second part of the series on conducting research.
  4. [2021-02-05 Fri] Literature Review, internal company talk as a part of a series on conducting research.
  5. [2020-10-29 Thu] Understanding Speech, Moving Beyond ASRs, talk at DLDC 2020.
  6. [2020-07-24 Fri] A Vocabulary for Productivity, internal company talk.
  7. [2020-04-24 Fri] Extending Python's Type Annotations, internal company talk.
  8. [2020-04-10 Fri] Continuations, internal company talk.
  9. [2020-03-20 Fri] Case studies in Informational Graphics and Visualizations, interpret company talk.
  10. [2020-02-07 Fri] Automated Reasoning, internal company talk.
  11. [2019-11-09 Sat] CLOS + Meta Object Protocol, internal company talk.


My Bachelor years. Few really old items are kept here.

These contain primitive versions of the design approach that I still use in my sildes, wherever I have to use slides.